PM Announces Australia to Close Borders

Effective from 9pm Friday 20 March, Australia will refuse entry to all temporary residents other than those who meet the exemptions as below.

Those exempt include:

  • New Zealand citizens usually resident in Australia - proof of residential address must be provided at entry
  • The immediate family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents:
    • Spouse
    • Dependent
    • Legal guardian
    • Temporary Partner visa holders - not including Prospective Marriage visa holders
    • Temporary Child visa holders (Subclass 445)

The updated definition of an 'immediate family member' for an entry exemption allows temporary visa holders who do not have a Partner visa or Child visa to apply for entry to Australia if they can prove a spouse or de facto relationship with an Australian. It is not clear if the definition of 'de facto relationship' is the same as in legislation, and whether there is a required minimum time period that must be evidenced. An exemption approval must be received before commencing travel.

All those who are still eligible to Australia will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Temporary visa holders who do not meet one of the exemptions above will have their visa cancelled. Arrangements will be made to reinstate visas as appropriate following the lifting of these enhanced border control measures.

Further information on the Australian travel restrictions and the Coronavirus can be found on the Australian Border Force website here.

For the latest news on international travel restrictions, please visit the Newland Chase (our sister company) website here.

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