Resident Return Visa

Five Year Travel Facility

If you have lived in Australia for at least 2 of the 5 years prior to applying for your Resident Return Visa, then you should have a good chance of obtaining a new Resident Return Visa. Otherwise, you can only be eligibility for a travel facility for up to one year.

Family Members of Permanent Visa Holders

Spouse and dependent children of permanent visa holders are eligible for a travel facility for up to one year. If the permanent visa holder's travel facility is expiring in less than a year the RRV will expire at the same time.

These applications can be complicated particularly in the following situations:

  • If you and your spouse are living in different countries - we may need to show evidence that your relationship is genuine and continuing
  • If your seeking to obtain an RRV for a child over 18 years - we may need to show evidence of continued financial dependency

Close Ties of Benefit to Australia

If you're unable to meet the 2 out of the 5 year resident requirement and are not a family member of the permanent visa holder you can still obtain a one year travel facility if you can establish close ties to Australia.

Close ties can include:

  • Job offer in Australia (employment ties)
  • Ownership or management of a business in Australia (business ties)
  • Financial or property assets in Australia
  • Close family in Australia
  • Cultural ties to Australia

The Department of Immigration has significant discretion in determining whether the ties are sufficiently close for grant of the RRV. Also note that if you've had more than 5 years absence from Australia we may need to show compelling reasons for your absence.

Emergency RRV

If you are outside Australia and no longer hold a permanent visa but, have compelling and compassionate reasons for departing Australia you can consider applying for a 3 month emergency RRV. For you to be eligible for this type of visa you need to have spent at least 1 day in the last 5 years in Australia.

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