Aged Dependent Relative Visas

The Aged Dependent Relative Visa is a permanent visa for older people who are single and financially dependent on an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Due to the low number of places available in the migration program for this type of visa, waiting times for this visa are significant

Visa Criteria

Sponsorship by a Relative in Australia

The applicant must be related to an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or an eligible New Zealand Citizen. The following relatives are eligible to sponsor for the Aged Dependent Relative Visa:
  • Parent
  • Children
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Aunts & uncles
  • Nieces & nephews
  • Grandchildren or grandparents.

This includes half and step-relatives and relatives that have been adopted.

In order to sponsor for an Aged Dependent Relative visa, the sponsor must be over 18 and "settled" in Australia (this generally means having lived here for at least the last 2 years).


The applicant must have been financially dependent on the sponsor for approximately three years and remain so. To be financially dependent the applicant must rely on the sponsor for financial support for their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

Marital Status

The applicant must not be married at the time of application. This can be as a result of being widowed, divorced or formally separated.


The main applicant must be at least 65 years of age.

Assurance of Support

An assurance of support is required in all cases.

Duration and Conditions

Results in the grant of a permanent visa with a travel facility valid for 5 years from date of grant.

Do I apply in Australia or Overseas?

You may either be in Australia or overseas when applying for a Aged Dependent Visa.

If you would like to discuss your eligibility for an Aged Dependent Relative visa please book an immigration consultation through our website.

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