Case Study - Steven and Kampin (Spouse Visa)

Background to Case

Steven's wife, Kampin, is from Thailand - it is relatively common for Thai applicants to be refused their spouse visas. In Steven's case, he had not spent much time living with his spouse, and so there was a risk the application could be refused due to insufficient evidence of the relationship.

We were able to brief Steven on exactly what to expect from the process. We led him through each step and gave him precise instructions on what documentation would be required and what to look out for at each step.

Most applicants through Thailand need to attemd a face-to-face interview. The interview is critical in establishing whether the relationship is genuine. Even the smallest slip-up can result in refusal of the application. We made sure that Kampin was aware of the kinds of questions that would be asked at the interview and that she was fully prepared.

The application was approved in record time and Steven and Kampin are now living together in Sydney.

Steven's Testimonial

Firstly, I'd like to thank Mark and Sarah for being so instrumental in bringing my wife to Australia. Their professional and personalised service was much appreciated. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the visa was granted - only 7 weeks from lodgement of the forms to the grant of the 309 Spouse Visa. Sarah was particularly helpful in emailing my daughter during the entire procedure (which was passed onto myself and wife in Thailand) - this kept us in the loop and less stressed as we always knew the status of everything. This gave me confidence in their ability and expertise - I was really impressed by the personal touch and sincerity of the staff at ACACIA.

It was such a relief to have Mark and Sarah working for us - I had seen and heard of the hurdles people had experienced in Thailand with the visa process and thankfully I had someone to organise my paperwork to avoid these issues. I can see how difficult things would have been if I had lodged the forms myself!

I would highly recommend ACACIA's staff to anyone - they truly took the hassles and worry out of the equation. Thanks again for your friendly and professional service.

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