Major Changes to Employer Sponsored Visa Pathways

Subclass 482 Temporary Skills Shortage Visas

From 25 November, applicants in the short-term stream will no longer be restricted to one onshore renewal of their Subclass 482 visa.

Applicants will be able to lodge multiple applications onshore, however, note that the 'Genuine Temporary Entrant' requirement still appears to apply.

Nomination for Transitional Stream Subclass 186 ENS and Subclass 187 RSMS

Employers will be able to nominate for the permanent ENS or RSMS visas regardless of the 482 visa stream, including those under a Labour Agreement.

The nominated worker needs to have held their 482 and worked for the employer for at least 2 years prior to lodgement (reduced from 3 years).

Access to the RSMS program has not changed in that it is still restricted to a certain cohort of 457 and early 482 visa holders.

The skilled occupation lists will no longer apply to transitional ENS/RSMS applications, however, the occupation must be listed in ANZSCO and be the same as the occupation on the 482 visa.

Note: It is not clear at this stage if visa holders under a Labour Agreement with a code that is not in ANZSCO will be able to access these changes. We are waiting for legislation to be released to advise further.

Visa for Transitional Stream Subclass 186 ENS and Subclass 187 RSMS

The age exemption requirements for regional medical practitioners and high-income earning applicants will be aligned to allow them to also access a 2-year transition pathway.

The COVID-19-related pro-rata assessment of income for the age exemption will cease.


Please note that until legislation is released, it is difficult to confirm eligibility under the changes. Further details will be published once we have this information.

We appreciate your patience while we await further details.

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