Labour Agreements

Labour agreements are individually negotiated between the employer and the Department of Immigration and can be used to sponsor employees for:

Advantages of Labour Agreements

The main advantages of labour agreements over the standard application pathways are:
  • It is possible to sponsor for a wider range of occupations under a labour agreement
  • Concessions can be negotiated on skill level, English language ability and salary level
  • Businesses offering labour hire services must have a labour agreement to sponsor employees

Types of Labour Agreements

There are a number of different types of labour agreements:
  • Template Agreements: these apply to certain industries
  • Regional Migration Agreements: these are negotiated to cover a certain locality
  • Enterprise Migration Agreements: for large-scale resource projects

Acacia's Expertise

Labour agreements require high-level negotiations with the Department of Immigration and may take 9 months or more to finalise where there is no template available.

Due to the high level of complexity, labour agreements are only recommended where a large number of workers is to be sponsored.

Acacia has expertise liaising with the Department of Immigration at the highest level - please call us on +61 2 9230 0888 if you would like our assistance in obtaining a Labour Agreement.

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