Overseas Business Sponsorship for 457

It is also possible for employers who do not have operations in Australia to sponsor employees for the TSS visa program.

Sponsorship by an overseas business can be less beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The TSS holder must work directly for the sponsor, rather than an "associated entity" as for Australian business sponsors
  • Overseas Business Sponsors cannot sponsor for permanent visas such as ENS and RSMS

In other ways, using an overseas entity to sponsor is more beneficial than establishing a new entity in Australia - for instance:

  • The employer does not have to show that they train Australians in their business
  • The validity period for the sponsorship and TSS visas may be longer than for a newly established Australian entity
Overseas business sponsorships can now be lodged electronically, meaning that they are more convenient to lodge and process than was previously the case.

If you are looking to establish operations in Australia, Acacia can advise you on which application strategy will best suit your business, in terms of complexity, cost and time taken.

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