SkillSelect Update February 2015

webster By Mark Webster
Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Department of Immigration has released a report on the 13 February SkillSelect invitation round. Prospective applicants for General Skilled Migration can gain useful insights from the latest statistics.

Required Points Score and Waiting Time for Invitation

Applicants with 60 points who lodged EOIs on 29 January received invitations on 13 February. This means that the waiting time was about 2 weeks for an EOI invitation. We suspect that a large number of EOIs were lodged between December 2014 and March 2015, which means that the waiting time may be significantly more than 2 weeks for rounds after 13 February. The increased demand for EOI invitations can be seen in the breakdown of invitations issued by points score. Most people invited had a score of 65 or above:

Image of graph showing invitations for Skilled Independent and Skilled Regional (Provisional) by Points Score for 13 February 2015

ICT Business and Systems Analysts - Ceiling Reached

The occupational ceiling for ICT Business and Systems Analysts (ANZSCO 2611) has now been reached. As a result, invitations will not be issued in this occupational group for Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visas or Skilled Regional Sponsored Provisional Subclass 489 - family sponsored until the new migration program opens on 1 July 2015. Looking at the report for 13 February, the minimum points score required for this occupational group was 65.

Good News for Family Sponsored 489 Applicants

In prior invitation rounds, only a very small number of invitations were issued to 489 applicants sponsored by a family member. As a result, the required score for invitation was 65 or higher and the waiting time 6 months or more even with a score of 65.

This has changed significantly in the 13 February round. 500 invitations were issued for family sponsored 489 applicants, increased from 100 in the previous round and only 10 which were issued in the July 2014 rounds.

Minimum score for invitation was 60 and the waiting time was approximately 10 months for applicants with 60 points. Applicants with a score of 65 can expect to be invited in the next invitation round.

Family sponsorship adds 10 points to your points score. Your family member would need to be an Australian permanent resident or citizen living in a designated area, and you will need to have a skills assessment in an SOL occupation to be able to apply.

Update on Occupational Ceilings

Occupational ceilings are close to being reached for Accountants and Software and Applications Programmers. Invitations for these occupational groups are being allocated on a pro rata basis until 1 July 2015. However, people in these occupations were issued invitations with a score of 60 points in the 13 February round, and the waiting time was not excessive, with some applicants who lodged an EOI on 29 January being invited. Below is a summary of the current status of Occupational Ceilings. Apart from the above mentioned occupations, no other occupational ceiling is likely to be met in the current program.

ANZSCO Occupational Group Annual Ceiling Invitations Issued % Used
2611 ICT Business and Systems Analysts 1,620 1,620 100.0%
2613 Software and Applications Programmers 5,005 3,999 79.9%
2211 Accountants 5,478 4,290 78.3%
2339 Other Engineering Professionals 1,000 602 60.2%
2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 1,680 954 56.8%
2631 Computer Network Professionals 1,788 999 55.9%
2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers 1,188 548 46.1%
2539 Other Medical Practitioners 1,000 413 41.3%
2334 Electronics Engineers 1,000 391 39.1%
2633 Telecommunications Engineering Professionals 1,000 346 34.6%
2331 Chemical and Materials Engineers 1,000 275 27.5%
2332 Civil Engineering Professionals 2,850 781 27.4%
2333 Electrical Engineers 1,332 283 21.2%
2523 Dental Practitioners 1,000 194 19.4%
2321 Architects and Landscape Architects 1,476 203 13.8%
2544 Registered Nurses 15,042 1,930 12.8%


General Skilled Migration is a technically complex area. Understanding how SkillSelect works and how to maximise your chances of receiving an invitation is absolutely critical to success.

If you would like our assistance in applying for General Skilled Migration through SkillSelect, please book a consultation with one of our experienced advisors.


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