SkillSelect Update October 2015

SkillSelect Update October 2015

jing By Jing Qian
Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The reports on the 9 & 23 October SkillSelect Invitation Round has been released. The reports suggests that it is getting more difficult to obtain an invitation for Skilled Independent and Skilled Regional Family Sponsored visas. Below is our analysis of the required points score and waiting times for EOI invitations.

Skilled Independent Subclass 189

In October a smaller number of invitations was issued compared to previous months. 2000 invitations were issued for 189 visas, whereas in the July, August and September there were 2300 invitations issued each month.

The majority of applicants invited had a score of 60 or 65. The minimum point score for a 189 invitation was 60 points and approximately 425 applicants received invitations with this score. Based on the October rounds it would take about just over two months to receive an invitation if you have 60 points. If you have 65 points you should receive an invitation next round.

Specific information on invitations for Pro Rata occupations for 189 visas is below:


Only 50 accountants were invited in the October invitation rounds. The minimum point score was 70 for an invitation and approximate waiting time with this score was 8 weeks.

ICT Business and System Analysts

The minimum points to receive an invitation was 65 and the waiting time was approximately 11 weeks.

Software and Applications Programmers

The minimum points to receive an invitation was 65 also, if you have 65 points you should receive an invitation next round.


This occupation ceiling has now been reached and no further invitations will be issued until 1 July 2016.

Skilled Regional Family Sponsored Subclass 489

The minimum point score for a family sponsored 489 invitation was 65 points in the October invitation rounds. Only 40 invitations were issued for 489 visas which is less than previous months (80 per month). If you have 65 points the waiting time for a 489 invitation is approximately one month. If you have 60 points, or are in a pro rata occupation, it is unlikely that you would receive an invitation for a 489 family sponsored visa.


Whilst it is still possible to receive invitations with 60 points for 189, applicants with 65 points or more are likely receive invitations with shorter waiting times. 65 is now the minimum score for 489 Family Sponsored and IT Professionals. Accountants can only hope to receive an invitation with 70 points or more.

Please note that the above considerations do not apply to State Nominated 489 and 190 applicants as these visa types have no occupational ceiling and are still possible to obtain with 60 points.

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