Visa Application Fee Calculator Launched

webster By Mark Webster
Friday, 28 June 2013

The Department of Immigration is introducing additional fees for visa applications from 1 July 2013.

What are the New Fees?

You may need to raise the limit on your credit card to pay for the new fees as the increases are significant, particularly for:
  • People in Australia on temporary work visas (eg 457 visas) or student visas who need to extend their stay - an additional $700 will be payable for each visa applicant
  • People including dependent partners in their visa applications - in most cases, there will be an additional charge of 50% to include a spouse. The additional charge is 100% for temporary workers such as 457 visa holders
  • People including children in their visa applications - a surcharge of 25% will apply
  • If you lodge a paper application where there is an internet-based lodgement system, an additional fee of $80 will apply per applicant

Acacia's Visa Application Fee Calculator

Figuring out how the new fees will apply to you can be difficult as the rules are very complicated! The Department of Immigration recommends that you use a spreadsheet to calculate the fees.

For people without skills in Excel, Acacia has created a free visa application fee calculator to make it easier to figure out how much you will pay.

Protest Against the Increases

Looking at the Department of Immigration financial documents, it is clear that the cost of visa processing is already covered by the application fees collected by the Department.

In our view, the increases are unwarranted and unfair. They will also be likely to harm the international education industry and make life in Australia more difficult for international students and temporary workers.

Please sign our fee increase petition and let your voice be heard!

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